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February 12, 2010, 9:23 pm
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More then a week has gone by since my last post.  Time really flies, if you’re not careful.  Last week was Text Week.   Read  chapter 4 , did one of the exercises at the end of the chapter.  The exercise was to create an image, made only of text for the phrase “Looks like a storm is brewing.” I admit it, there were three other exercises that I didn’t do.  I’m not sure how I feel about creating art with rules and restrictions.  There is a lack of freedom that I’m just not comfortable with.   Along, with my Text Art I created something for the owner at work.  It’s just not fun.  Now, if I were to make something and someone were to say to me “I want to buy that for my logo or website or business” I would be like “How much?”  But, I don’t think I can ever do any job that required me to create art with someone else initiating all of the ideas.

The Tea Kettle is made out the the phrase “Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day” with a gray stroke around it.   It’s small, so it’s hard to see.  I’m happy with outcome but, I can’t say I had “fun” doing it.

I did have fun, however, looking through this website! It’s a site with all kinds of articles and links to other Artsy websites.  They have articles like  Top 50 Tumble Logs and, my favorite article I found, whether it be for the info or just the name, was Type Porn.  Lots of creative stuff on that site!

On a totally different note, I went to a crab feed last weekend, and saw some of my brother’s friends I haven’t seen for quite a while.   Apparently, they came across a painting I did for them.  They told me they hung it back up in their living room.  That was kinda fun to hear.  My brother has also asked me to re-frame a painting I did for him a few years ago.  All this reminded me how much I miss painting! I love it but, it’s not the most convenient hobby when you live in a studio apartment.

This is the painting I did for my brother.  It’s need to be re-framed (because it has miraculously shrunk and no longer fits the current frame).  And now that I have it in my hands, I  can see it needs to be touched up a bit too.

As, for my next project…..  “Create a Pop Culture Collage.”  I can’t wait to do this one!  I love collages.  This project was inspired by a Christmas gift.  It was a print of art work by a fairly new pop culture artist.  It’s not quite “Low Brow” but it’s similar with a more straight forward humorous approach.  The print I have is called “Dirty Rat” (a little twist on good ‘ol Mickey Mouse; in case you didn’t know he sleeps around and smokes cigarettes!).  Anyway, here is the website to the artist that will be the inspiration for me next project Pop Culture Art.  The artist has more of bio site here Nelson De La Nuez (Try to ignore that picture of him and Leno).


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